Screenwriter Sean Paul Murphy was born Catholic and will probably die Catholic but in between he lives the life of a happy-go-lucky Evangelical who believes the culture war will not be won by laws and boycotts but rather one soul at a time.  It has always been Sean’s ambition to be one of the biggest Christian screenwriters in the business, and at two-hundred-and-sixty pounds, he might well have succeeded.  Sean is so devoted to his goal that he is willing to eat all of the cheeseburgers and drink all of the milk shakes necessary to maintain that title.

Sean graduated from the Towson University with a degree in Mass Communications.  Originally, Sean thought his Mass Communications degree would teach him the intricacies of The Mass, and therefore, the priesthood, but it simply taught him about film and television instead.  Resigned to his fate, Sean went into the advertising business working as a broadcast producer.  He later left the full-time work-a-day world to become a successful freelance film editor and an under-appreciated screenwriter.

His first produced screenplay 21 Eyes, an innovative mystery co-written with director Lee Bonner, was released by Vanguard Cinema in February of 2006.  It has been declared a must-see and a courageous, absorbing, and unique piece of indie filmmaking. Hidden Secrets, co-written by Timothy Ratajczak, is his second produced feature length script.